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Online Accounts

If you are running PantherX Desktop, this is configured out of the box.

Accounts (or Online Accounts) is a great place to manage all your accounts.

The number of supported providers and applications is growing steadily. At the time of writing:

  • Gitlab (with Hub)
  • Etherscan
  • GitHub (with Hub)
  • BlockIO
  • Email (Yahoo, Google, Soverin, GMX, Posteo, ..)
  • Encrypted Backup to S3 / Wasabi / Hard Disk
  • Mastodon (with Hub)
  • Discource (with Hub)

Accounts “with Hub” support, will trigger notifications in PantherX Hub right on your desktop.


All your accounts are stored in yaml format at ~/.local/share/px-accounts-service/accounts. Secrets are stored in the system keychain, protected by your account password.

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