Android Studio

Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Google's Android operating system, built on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA software and designed specifically for Android development.


Native Environments

All credit for this excellent approach goes to Julien Lepiller. I have really just adapted it for this wiki.

Here we’ll use guix environment to containerize Android Studio in order to work-around the countless of hard-coded paths that aren’t available on PantherX. It’s up to Google / JetBrains to fix this.


Download Android Studio from here.

Store all this stuff wherever you want. I’m using ~/git/. The final structure I’m looking at, will be something like this:

  • Android Studio at ~/git/android/android-studio
  • Android preferences at ~/git/android/home
  • Android SDK (for ease) at ~/Android (this is what the IDE defaults to)

Here we go:

$ cd ~/git
$ mkdir android
$ tar -xvzf android-studio-ide-201.6953283-linux.tar.gz -C android

I have a bad habit of putting all development stuff under ~/git. You may put it wherever you want (for ex. ~/dev), just don’t complain.

Configure the environment

Create a manifest for the environment:

nano ~/git/android/studio-manifest.scm

with the following content:

(use-package-modules base bash compression gcc gl glib linux nss pulseaudio
                     version-control virtualization xml xorg)

  (list bash git which dbus
        (list gcc "lib")

        ;; for running the android virtual devices (AVD):
        e2fsprogs qemu-minimal
        alsa-lib expat libxcomposite libxcursor libxi libxtst
        mesa nss pulseaudio (list util-linux "lib") libx11 zlib))

Fix included Java

Indeed the included Java at ~/git/android/android-studio/jre gives us problems, so we’ll replace that with our own:

$ guix build icedtea
$ sudo ln -sv /gnu/store/h6w6w37dskgdikxy3mywkldicqyfd0zj-icedtea-3.7.0-jdk /var/guix/gcroots
$ rm -rf ~/git/android/android-studio/jre
$ ln -sv /var/guix/gcroot/h6w6w37dskgdikxy3mywkldicqyfd0zj-icedtea-3.7.0-jdk /home/franz/git/android/android-studio/jre

The store paths /gnu/store/h6w6w37dsk... will vary so watch out!

To keep all Android related stuff in one place, we do:

mkdir -p ~/git/android/home/android
ln -sv ~/git/android/home ~/.android
ln -sv ~/git/android/home/AndroidStudio4.0 ~/.AndroidStudio4.0

Create the environment

Assuming you’re at ~/git/android

export PROFILE=$(guix environment -C -N -m studio-manifest.scm \
  -- bash -c 'echo $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT')

and then, build and enter the container with:

guix environment -C -N --share=$XAUTHORITY --share=/tmp/.X11-unix \
    --share=/dev/shm --expose=/etc/machine-id --expose=$HOME \
    --expose=$PROFILE/lib=/lib --expose=$PROFILE/lib=/lib64 --share=/dev/kvm \
    -m studio-manifest.scm -- env XAUTHORITY=$XAUTHORITY DISPLAY=$DISPLAY bash


LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib ./android-studio/bin/

To run Android Virtual Device (AVD) from Studio:


This is assuming you installed the SDK at $HOME (/home/USERNAME). You will have to run Android Studio once, to download the relevant SDK’s before running the last command..


To run this again, at a later point, go back to ~/git/android and repeat the last two steps:

  1. Create the environment
  2. Run

Known Issues

  • There’s an issue with built-in adb.
  • I haven’t actually tried the device emulator (AVD)

See also

PantherX & (unofficial) GNU Guix Wiki.

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