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If you are running PantherX Desktop, this is configured out of the box.

Important: This will overwrite any styling changes you made.

This plugin adds support for Desktop Theme configuration to PantherX Settings Service.

You can develop your own theme/style for PantherX OS. Currently the Theme plugin is responsible for doing five configurations:

  1. Qt Palette/Style(~/.config/lxqt/lxqt.conf) Set the color scheme/palette.

  2. lxqt-panel theme (~/.config/lxqt/panel.conf) Set the lxqt-panel theme name and icon theme for panel.

  3. openbox theme(/.config/openbox/lxqt-rc.xml) Set the openbox theme name.

  4. icon theme(~/.config/lxqt/lxqt.conf) Set the icon theme name for system.

  5. claws-mail icon theme (~/.claws/clawsrc)

All of above configurations will do by Theme plugin.


  • Theme Plugin read/load all installed themes.
    Installed Theme path: [XDG_DATA_DIRS]/px/themes/ (ex: ~/.guix-profile/share/px/themes)
    So you should install your themes to [XDG_DATA_DIRS]/px/themes/

  • Theme Plugin read/load the current theme.
    Current Theme File path: [XDG_CONFIG_HOME]/px/theme.conf (~/.config/px/theme.conf) This is the selected theme configuration that will be read by Theme plugin and load on the system.

  • Filling the Settings structure and forward to px-settings-service.
  • Settings GUI will read the Settings structure and load a list of installed themes for user. Now, user can select, preview and apply the desired theme.

PantherX Theme Config File

You can find two default themes of PantherX here.

The file structure after installation in XDG_DARA_DIRS is like this:

├── bright          # theme name
│   ├── bright.jpg  # screenshot
│   └── theme.conf
└── dark            # theme name
    ├── dark.jpg    # screenshot
    └── theme.conf

The theme.conf file structure should be like the following content. The values is optional but the section names and key names are required.

description=PantherX Dark Theme


icon-theme=breeze-dark              # (4)
lxqt-panel-theme=px-dark            # (1)
openbox=PX-Arc-Dark                 # (2)
gtk-theme=Breeze-Dark               # (5)
gtk-icon-theme=breeze-dark          # (5)

icon-theme=breeze                   # (3)

As said, there are 5 configurations which will do via Theme plugin. The values of these configurations are related to the following packages that installed (or even customized and installed). We mentioned the relation of following packages and the configuration with numbers in the above file.

  1. px-lxqt-theme : lxqt-panel theme link

  2. px-arc-dark-theme : openbox theme link

  3. claws-breeze-theme : claws-mail icon theme link

  4. px-icons: icon theme link

  5. breeze-gtk : gtk theme link

PantherX Theme Screenshot File

You should put one screenshot beside the theme.conf. The installation path of this screenshot should be put as value of screenshot in [General] part of theme.conf. Please consider this line in package definition: link


As mentioned above you can find two default themes os PantherX here.

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