Dual Boot

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This is not supported. Proceed at your own risk.

in order to have dual boot on PantherX, we need to add menu entries for other operating systems to bootloader section of system configuration:

(bootloader (bootloader-configuration
                (list (menu-entry
                        (label "Arch Linux")
                          (linux "/path/to/vmlinuz-linux")          ; path to vmlinuz-linux, in target partition
                          (linux-arguments '("root=/dev/sdaX"))     ; target partition that tartget os files are located in
                          (initrd "/path/to/initramfs-linux.img"))  ; path to initrd image in target partition

Note: since PantherX linux image and initrd is stored inside store and automatically managed by guix system, so for now PantherX should be responsible for management.


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