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LXQt is a free and open source Linux desktop environment, that was formed from the merger of the LXDE and Razor-qt projects.


PantherX Desktop comes with LXQt by default.

Use KWIN instead of Openbox

Install kwin to your profile:

guix package -i kwin

You will have to logout/login or reboot, for LXQt to recognize the change. Then open Settings > LXQt Settings > LXQt Session > Basic Settings, look for “Window Manager” and change from openbox to kwin_x11. Logout/login or reboot, for the change to take effect.


Opening Folders from Directory Menu failed

If you have any issue in opening folders from Directory Menu of LXQt or any other things that will be open by xdg-open, maybe this is related to launching xdg-open with wrong path.

For making sure you can run lxqt-panel in terminal and open a folder from Directory menu, in thic case maybe you will see a warning message like this:

Launch failed (/gnu/store/j3nj0b5ajd7la5vi11rmhn0fkp6wn9vx-xdg-utils-1.1.3/bin/xdg-open /home/panther)

The soltuion is easy, only update your qtbase package with guix package -u qtbase. This is related to patching the xdg-utils path in qtbase here

Wallpaper resets on reboot

If your wallpaper doesn’t survive a reboot, it’s likely that some permissions are off.

First of all, check:

$ ls -la ~/.config/pcmanfm-qt/lx
-r--r--r-- 1 franz users 106 Aug 31  2020 /home/franz/.config/pcmanfm-qt/lxqt/settings.conf

Let’s add write permission for our user:

chmod +w ~/.config/pcmanfm-qt/lxqt/settings.conf

And double-check:

$ ls -la ~/.config/pcmanfm-qt/lxqt/settings.conf
-rw-r--r-- 1 franz users 106 Aug 31  2020 /home/franz/.config/pcmanfm-qt/lxqt/settings.conf

That’s it. All good.

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