PantherX OS


See also: PantherX compared to other distributions


  • Your entire system configuration in one file: See system configuration
  • Time machine to switch between system snapshots (roll-back, roll-forward)
  • Only successful updates apply: No more broken systems
  • Intuitive desktop and thousands of open source applications and games


  • Easy access to the latest packages
  • Built-in, isolated development environments
  • Perfect system replication and export to disk image, VM, docker and others


  • No systemd; Simple, robust init system
  • Clear defaults to configure web servers, database, firewall, tor and so on
  • PantherX benefits from large upstream community


  • Powerful plugin system to write your own Account and Hub integration in Python and C++
  • It’s Linux. Welcome home.


Desktop: Beta 4 (2021)

PantherX Desktop

Desktop: Final release (planned for fall 2022)

PantherX Desktop

PantherX & (unofficial) GNU Guix Wiki.

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