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Notes about using a virtual private network on PantherX



Tip: Before you get started, note your current public IP with curl https://my-ip.pantherx.org.


Generate a WireGuard configuration in your Mullvad account (https://mullvad.net/en/account/#/wireguard-config/):

  1. Select “Linux”
  2. Generate a WireGuard key
  3. Select one exit location (ex. Germany, Frankfurt, de12-wireguard)
  4. Download file

You now have a mlvd-de12.conf in your Downloads folder and two options:

  1. Import to Network Manager (connects automatically; reconnects on reboot)
  2. Run manually via wg-quick

To import to Network Manager, do:

$ nmcli connection import type wireguard file mlvd-de12.conf

That’s it! To verify you’re connected, you can do one of two (many) things:

  1. Run ip address and look for mlvd-de12.
    • verify that an IP has been assigned: ex. inet 10.**.**.**/32
    • check whether your public IP has changed: curl https://my-ip.pantherx.org
  2. Check Mullvad’s own “Connection Check” here (https://mullvad.net/en/check/)
  3. Run nmcli and ensure that: mlvd-de12: connected to mlvd-de12

To remove this connection, simply run:

$ nmcli connection delete mlvd-se8
Connection 'mlvd-se8' (acf9afff-d380-4d86-99b9-529a8b5c76ef) successfully deleted.

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