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WakaTime is a fully automatic time tracking tool for programmers. Powered by open-source plugins for countless of IDE's, text editors and browsers, it gives powerful insights about when and how you code.



Browser Plugins


Time missing

Unlike the editor plugins, the Chrome browser plugin relies on an active internet connection, to send heartbeats.

  1. check that you're logged in
  2. ensure your internet connection is stable
  3. try using a VPN or Proxy if WakaTime has connection issues
Unable to login
  1. open https://api.wakatime.com/api/v1/users/current/heartbeats to verify status (likely Unauthorized)
  2. delete all cookies related api.wakatime.com
  3. open your Dashboard at https://wakatime.com/dashboard
  4. refresh API page

Thanks to vysinsky

Editor Plugins

All editor plugins rely on the WakaTime CLI to store, and submit tracked data.

PantherX & (unofficial) GuixSD Wiki.

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Inspired by the excellent Arch Linux Wiki