gulp is an open-source JavaScript toolkit created by Eric Schoffstall used as a streaming build system in front-end web development.



In a perfect world, you’d install gulp with guix:

$ guix package -i gulp

But you’ll likely find that gulp has not been packaged yet.

So we’ll resort to npm:

$ npm install gulp

This will install gulp to the current folder, with executable under node_modules/.bin/gulp.


“message: ‘Error: write EPIPE’, plugin: ‘gulp-gm’”

This error is related to a missing graphicsmagick library.

$ node_modules/.bin/gulp
[10:15:49] Using gulpfile ~/git/
[10:15:49] Starting 'default'...
[10:15:49] Starting 'js'...
[10:15:52] Finished 'js' after 2.73 s
[10:15:52] Starting 'css'...
[10:15:53] Finished 'css' after 780 ms
[10:15:53] Starting 'countries'...
[10:15:53] Finished 'countries' after 33 ms
[10:15:53] Starting 'productImages'...
[10:15:53] Finished 'productImages' after 3.32 ms
[10:15:53] Finished 'default' after 3.55 s
{ [Error: Error: write EPIPE]
  message: 'Error: write EPIPE',
  plugin: 'gulp-gm',
  showProperties: true,
  showStack: false,
  __safety: { toString: [Function: bound ] } }

Resolve with:

$ guix package -i imagemagick graphicsmagick

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