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What is PantherX Linux?

PantherX is a modern, Unix-like computer operating system, designed to enable everyone without a PHD in computer science, to take control of their computer, data and privacy, and exercise their right to freedom of monitoring and tracking.

I am a complete GNU/Linux beginner. Should I use PantherX?

Yes, PantherX has been designed, specifically designed for end-user, no matter whether you’re an existing GNU/Linux user, or are migrating from MacOS or Windows. You’ll feel right at home, with PantherX.

Is PantherX designed to be used as a server? A desktop? A workstation?

PantherX is configured entirely using a system configuration file, that means, it can be used for anything, anywhere. By default, PantherX features a fully configured, ready to use desktop environment, however, on a fresh installation, you may opt for a more lightweight configuration. In fact, given Panther’s nature, you can even re-configure an existing desktop, into a server OS - completely clean, and in minutes.

Is PantherX Linux a stable distribution? Will I get frequent breakage?

Our stable release should never break and is tested extensively, on Panther Alpha, but even the weekly, rolling-release should be at least as stable, as an Arch Linux based installation. Unlike Arch Linux, you can always roll-back, in a matter of seconds, even if your kernel breaks…

What problems does PantherX solve?

If you’ve ever experienced any of these problems, PantherX is your solution:

  • Your system failed during the upgrade, and does not boot anymore.
  • Your upgrade completely successfully, but something broke, and your system won’t boot anymore.
  • You install a package / service / desktop, and now want to completely reverse it
  • You’re working with 10 different package managers, including apt, pip, rvm, … and can’t take it anymore
  • You set-up a desktop / server and experience an issue, which you cannot reproduce

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Can I try PantherX today?

You can install an early beta of PantherX Desktop and Server, using a fully automated command-line application: PantherX Installation Guide.

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