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What is PantherX Linux?

PantherX is a modern, Unix-like computer operating system, designed to enable everyone without a PHD in computer science, to take control of their computer, data and privacy, and exercise their right to freedom of monitoring and tracking.

What architectures does PantherX support?

PantherX comes in two flavours, with notable differences:

  1. x86-64 is a unsupported (but stable), rolling-release similar to Arch Linux where we test new features
  2. ARM is our supported, LTS (long term stable) release, specifically designed for PantherX

I am a complete GNU/Linux beginner. Should I use PantherX?

Yes, PantherX has been designed, specifically designed for end-user, no matter whether you're an existing GNU/Linux user, or are migrating from Mac OSX or Windows. You'll feel right at home, with PantherX.

Is PantherX designed to be used as a server? A desktop? A workstation?

PantherX is configured entirely using a system configuration file, that means, it can be used for anything, anywhere. By default, PantherX features a fully configured, ready to use desktop environment, however, on a fresh installation, you may opt for a more lightweight configuration. In fact, given Panther's nature, you can even re-configure an existing desktop, into a server OS - completely clean, and in minutes.

When will the new release be made available?

The release cycle depends on the release you're running:

  • x86-64 is a rolling-release, and receives updates as soon as they become available
  • ARM is a LTS release, and receives security updates immediately, and schedules major changes for when they are ready (TM).

Is PantherX Linux a stable distribution? Will I get frequent breakage?

Our flagship ARM release should never break and is tested extensively, on Panther Alpha, but even the x86-64 based, rolling-release should be at least as stable, as an Arch Linux based installation. Unlike Arch Linux, you can always roll-back, in a matter of seconds, even if your kernel breaks.

What problems does PantherX solve?

If you've ever experienced any of these problems, PantherX is your solution:

  • Your system failed during the upgrade, and does not boot anymore.
  • Your upgrade completely successfully, but something broke, and your system won't boot anymore.
  • You install a package / service / desktop, and now want to completely reverse it
  • You're working with 10 different package managers, including apt, pip, rvm, ... and can't take it anymore
  • You set-up a desktop / server and experience an issue, which you cannot reproduce

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